Learn From Mistakes !

I have made new mistakes with my “Graphics Collection“. People who have bougth it will know I make the mistakes with the collection. There is copyright mistakes. But luckily I just solve the problem and very happy to learn from mistakes.

I have made lot of mistakes when I was just start my Internet Marketing. I spend thousands of dollar to buy ebook, software, scripts, membership and many others. I also remember the 1st big mistake I made is SPAM complaint.

When I was newbie, I don’t know what is Autoresponder and don’t know what is SPAM. Some of you might think I’m really newbie ( even SPAM also don’t know ).

Yes, When I have about 300 subscribers in my email account ( hotmail ). I always send email to them one by one. Almost crazy everytime send email like that, finally I get a lot of SPAM complaint one day. Then I do some research and found autoresponder. 🙂

Another mistake is Buy too many product that thought will help me get rich overnight.  Until I found a book Magnetic Sponsoring then I stop buy the product that teach me “how to” ……… make $xxxxx in xxxdays. WHY ?

As I have previous post below about the Magnetic Sponsoring. Education never stop ! The book or CD or Course you buy/attend not make you become rich. You just get what you don’t have from it. Get what I mean??

Example: You bought a cook book, it have 10 receipes chapter inside the book. After you finish the book and find out that some 2-4 receipes you already know before. BUT not all, So you just learn what you don’t know from the book.

This month I learn new things from my mistake not book or any product.  Luckily and happily because I solved the problem already. I never thought my Graphics Collection will in 7dollaroffers.com Best Seller in fourth position. Really suprised ! I thought 50-80 sales a day is very common so I never think my product will get in the Best Seller position. But not compare to expert internet marketer, they probably make more than thousands  every single days.

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