What have you done in 2007? What is your 2008 plan?

We’re going to celebrate 2008 new year! So what’s your plan for 2008? Make more money? Earn extra $500 per month? Buy a new car or a new house? not in the list?….? Whatever you want to achieve! If you plan to make more money, then you will need to create an action plan. If your plan just to “Make more money”, then you’re NOT going to make more money because you do not have any actual action to achieve more money. I have asked most of the people “What’s your plan for 2008?” Most answered me “Make more money”. OK! Very Good. Then “How you’re going to make more money?” Most answered: Don’t know YET. Do you see my point? Most people don’t have a actual action for their plan, they just know want to make more money but never think how to make more money to achieve what they want. That’s why most people failed to achieve their goal EVERY Year! If you do not have a proper action, then you’re going to chasing the same plan every year – “Make more money”. Why people say want to “Make more money”? Because they do not have an exact goal yet. They do not know how much they want to earn, in conclusion: They DO NOT know what they want. Everybody also want to make more money, but the problem is you’re not going to achieve any goal if you do not have any exact amount of money you want to achieve. Trust me – try to set a goal that you want to achieve extra $300 in the next 30 days. Remember, you must achieve $300 in the next 30 days. So what should you do to achieve $300? Now You have an exact amount to achieve — think what you can do to earn extra $300 within 30 days. Provide services? Sell a new book? Work extra 1 hour per day? Or improving your marketing strategies ? Once you have an exact goal, your mind will start thinking a lot of things in order to achieve the goal. NO MORE think “Make more money” — Throw this sentence away from your mind. Put the exact amount of money you want to achieve. Maybe $300 is too low for you – you can set even more higher BUT make sure the goal is still under your ability to achieve. If you never earn more than $10,000 per month — NEVER set your goal to achieve $30,000 in the next 30 days. How to set a goal correctly? Example: If your income is $1000 per month, then you can set your goal to achieve extra 50% from $1000 income. Use 50% will help you achieve your goal more easily and also increase your confident. Once you have achieve your goal, then set another goal for the next 30 days. Let your income is $1000 per month and you have achieved extra $500 from your 1st goal. So right now set your goal to 50% again — and your next goal 50% will be $750 amount of money.  And so on…… I know this works because I use this to achieve some goals in the past few months. Like I want to get a new laptop, goft set, marketing courses, new clothes, new targus laptop backpack and a sport car. All the above goals I have achieved except the last one – sport car. This will achieve in 2008. Before I buy a new laptop, I will need to know how much for the laptop. So I can have an exact amount to achieve. ( Finally I got the super machine with fully upgraded ) Here’s an example: What you need to give in order to get a new laptop? Answered is : MONEY. So we move to the next question: What you need to do in order to get MONEY? Answered is: Think yourself — what you’re expert? provide services, write a new book, designing, reparing vehicle,…..! So you will need to do something to get MONEY in order to get the laptop. Action to get > Money > Laptop / Car / House / or whatever you want. Don’t just put the “laptop” inside your mind — You’re not going to achieve the goal if your mind just thinking the “Laptop”. You must think what action you need to take to get MONEY so you can get the “Laptop”. This is how it works. Have you achieved any goal in the past with different method than mine? Please share in the comment section so we can learn from each other. Thank you!

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