Don’t Let Your Money Collecting Dust!

Do you love to buy online digital product like me? Or you have download hundreds of product from GiveAway Event?

I love to buy digital product and download tons of product like ebook, software, audio, video and join free membership. But 90% of the products I download are collecting dust in my hardisk. 😉

But this already long time ago story, last time I just download the free stuff or buy product BUT never touch them more than 3 days. Especially those free stuff download from Giveaway event, just keep download without think twice, ( because it’s free ) Sometime I also waste my money, I bought the same product that I already have. I remember last month I need a software for my webpage use, But I can’t remember I already get free from giveaway event and I go to bought the software. After a week later, I dig my hardisk to find something and suddenly found that the “software” I want already in my hardisk one of the folder. LOL! Because I have thousands of products and can’t remember what I really have in my hardisk. Only a few product I remember are those expensive product like Salesbully, Instant Article Wizard and some other can’t remember right now. 😉 This is also the reason why I didn’t give free “value” stuff now. People will not take serious with the “Free” stuff and it’s just waste. That’s why I start create some product for less than $10 so people will go to read it, touch it and take care of it. ( at least not collecting dust ) If you have a lot of product in your hardisk, spend some time to dig all the product out and manage into several folder like “software”, “ebook”, “audio” and “video”. At least you know what folder you should find when you need ebook or audio. Or if you have resale rights, go to setup a website and selling it. Store resale rights inside your hardisk is like “Money Collecting Dust” 🙂 Leave your comment here if you have any better idea what to do with the ‘rubbish” inside the hardisk, or you have any question about this topic.  Thank you

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Let Your Money Collecting Dust!”

  1. Sean,

    Lol I guess all of us internet marketer had this bad habit. Love collecting product in our harddisk. Yes I am now planning what I can do with the resale right products.

    John Tan

  2. Hi John,

    then we’re member! I also love to collecting digital product! LOL

    but better kick the “bad” habit out….. 😉

    Sean Tan

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