HYIP Can Help You Get Rich??

I personally involed HYIP when I was newbie on the internet. Get burned a few hundreds dollar and afterward someone told me that some HYIP program are managed by his friends. Then I start realized that these such program anyone can do and cheat other people money. My advise is don’t try HYIP, it won’t make you rich and money. If you are malaysian, you might see newspaper talking about HYIP. Those Scammer will pay you from start to attract more people to join the program and no more than 6 months or 1 year, the website will gone. Last time I join 2 HYIP program, both program website closed within 2 month. I believed a lot of internet user have touch HYIP before and also get burned at the end of the time.  My advise: Never ever think HYIP can make you rich… 

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2 thoughts on “HYIP Can Help You Get Rich??”

  1. This is one story we need everyone to know, not only HYIP but also other schemes out there with all sorts of names but with one intention, to rip you off…

  2. Hi,Sean,

    Thanks for sharing your experience about HYIP. I am actually thinking of trying..;D Noop…now.

    By the way, about those ebooks..yeah..I have bought a few..just told you basic things..and some cannot be applied by Malaysians. You know what I did ??..;D I got back my money as they have this Money Back Guarantee. I don’t think they worth that much..;D

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