Sean, How To Make Money Online?

Does you familiar with this title “question”? Ok, first and for all, I’m NOT gurus or expert make money online marketer. I received such email “Sean, How to make money online” time to time. But most are not really understand “online business” yet. You won’t make thousands or millions overnight after you buy any ebook or courses how to make money online. Many people confused and misunderstanding with those “Salesletter”. Those successful marketer show their income screensshot doesn’t mean you will get the same “results” after purchase the courses or ebook.  You NEED to treat your online business LIKE offline business. You need to take care of it, and keep learning how to improve your business. If you think you will make millions dollar without keep improving yourself and business strategies, then you’re wrong. Those “Successful Marketer” have already involved in the business many years, and they improve their business time to time.  You can see a lot of marketer start using video, audio and nice graphics for their website. There are 2 income for online business. Short-period income and Long-term income. Anyone can easily make a few hundreds dollar on the internet within 30 days or less. Yes, you may seen those “ebook” teach you how to make “$X” amount within “X” days. BUT not for long-term. If you wish to generate long-term income on the internet, then you have to learn step by step and keep improving your business. You have to choose your own “Niche” business like games, garden, health, music and many more. If you’re work at home MUM and like to cook, then you can start your own cooking website niche business. Be aware, there are a lot of SCAM on the internet. Those so called “GURUS” want to teach you how to make hundreds of dollar per day or earn hundreds dollar from adsense every day. I personally saw some of these “SCAM” website, just stay away those “SCAM” website. If you really want to start your own long-term online business, then I suggest you learn from those “GURUS” who really made millions dollar a year. One of the Internet Marketer expert you can learn from is Patric Chan. He’s one of the expert who really know how to make money online and have coaching clients around the world.  Another one expert marketer is Stephen Pierce, he’s also a well-known expert marketer on the internet. There are a lot of expert marketer on the internet, BUT you have to learn from the right person for your business. If you want to do like “Garden” niche business, then you have to learn from those “niche” expert marketer like Patric Chan and Stephen Pierce. Some marketer just teaching you how to make money in “Internet Marketing”, and it won’t really help your “niche” business on that. Think properly before you start your own online business, WHAT niche you want to start. And remember you won’t make thousands or millions dollar overnight after you purchase the courses. That’s the most important, you need to take action after purchase the courses, you won’t make any money if you JUST read but no action. Some people just keep buying courses and ebook how to make money online, BUT they never make any money because “no action”. Remember — You need to treat your online business like your job or offline business. If you have questions or ideas to share, pls post your comment here. Thank you.

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