Use Google Adword To Make Money

You might heard these “No website require”, “No Send Email Require” and a lot of things no require to make money online. Yes, I agree using adword can make you money online. But without website and autoresponder, you’re just leave “Big” money on the table. People who buy the product is buyer. Buyer will buy other product in the future, over and over again. Then why don’t collect those buyer information for your next product use? When you have new product to promote, you can promote to those existing buyer as well, because they are “quality” leads which are people who always buy product online. This way will make more money from previous work. The more “quality” leads(buyer) you have, the more extra money you get from less effort. If you have collect every buyer from adword campaign. Then the every click from your campaign is worth enough. Maybe you pay $0.50 for a click but you make $20 commission and future commission as well. For a $0.50 = Unlimited Income 100 Buyer list better than 500 free subscribe list. ( normal conversion rate from my own )  No website or autoresponder will require to find new customer over again. One website only cost you $10 a month and the autoresponder only cost $20 a month. Made just 1 sale already cover your monthly expenses. Then why not start build your own customer base and make more money with your previous work? Most Recommended Webhosting HostGator WebHosting Most Recommended Autoresponder Aweber Autoresponder  The more buyer in your list, the more money you can make!

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