Use Google To Find Your Answer

If you have a lot of questions want to solve, then you can go to google to find your answer. Most of the time I use google to find my answer, like do not know how to solve the technical part in MS. frontpage for my salesletter or squeezepage, looking for small modification to my wordpress blog, how to create certain effect in adobe photoshop…..blah blah blah….! Too many to write here. You will find useful tips to solve your problem in google search engine. I always do that when I was new to internet marketing, I don’t know how to create squeezepage, salespage, setup script and many more. How I learn? Get answer from google search engine, and you will learn more. Learn how to fish, rather than wait for the fish to come. You will never learn anything if you just sitting there without take any action. I always told my friends, said “go to search google” if you need anything. My english not very good – so I also love to use ANSWERS.COM to get my answer. When I found the word I do not understand what it mean, then I will go to to get my answer. This is how I learn so many things from the internet. Go to to find your answer like technical problem, news, …….. anything you want. Last time I used 2-3 hours to get an answer. If the answer is hard to find and require a few hours to get it, then I will ask my friends or pay someone to solve it. Sometimes the answer is not worth to use a few hours to find it. Unless the answer will cost you a lot of money then you’re require to spend some time to google it. I hope you learn something from here and kindly leave your comment or any better idea to share.

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