Are you busy for nothing?

Are you busy for nothing?

When you are feel yourself very busy, ask yourself a question:

“What am I busy with?” and then follow with “I’m busy for what?”

Ok, the first question is what are you doing right now and the second question is you’re doing for what purpose.

This will happen all the time when researching information on the internet.

Like, you’re searching weight loss information on the internet and suddenly you’re attract by the website ads or promotion with other things. You will curious to know more about things while you’re searching for weight loss information.

You won’t know that you have already out of the topic.

You searching weight loss information but suddenly go to read skin care articles.

Sometimes I spent a few hours in my WordPress blog for nothing. I’m planned to write a blog post but suddenly I was attracted by other things like email notification, wordpress traffic stats and etc.

I loved to watch the wordpress traffic stats.

Always remind and ask yourself 2 questions when you’re doing something.

“What am I busy with?” and “I’m busy for what?”

You will have a very clear mind to know what you’re doing and what’s the purpose doing for. So you will not waste your valuable time.

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