Don’t Spam My Blog

I have been very busy with my internet marketing projects recently and hardly update my marketing blog.

However, there are hundreds of comments sending into my marketing blog every single month. Luck I have installed the WordPress Plugin Anti-Spam named “WP-SpamFree”.

This is one of the best anti-spam free plugin I know so far. I have tried many anti-spam plugins previously, but many of them not really useful.

This anti-spam plugin helps me to block 99% of the spam comments. I only need to delete 3 to 5 spam comments manually every month.

If you’re still looking for a good anti-spam plugin for your WordPress blog, here’s the author link:

WordPress Plugin Name: WP-SpamFree

Just install this plugin is not perfect yet. You need to have another plugin to prevent robot comment.

Get the “Captcha” plugin install on your blog so anyone who wish to post comment need to go through the Captcha first. This is use to prevent those automated blog comment software.

WordPress Plugin Name: Captcha!

Plugin Author Site:

Install the “WP-SpamFree” and “Captcha!” plugin into your blog. Let the plugins deal with the spam comments so you can do other more important things in your business. (smile)

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