Don’t Sell Product But Offer Solution

Every newbie sales person will go through the same experience when just started to sell something. I still remembered when I just dropped off the secondary school and joined a company that do not pay any basic salary (just rely on commission) job. That was my first JOB.

My job was selling the English courses. I didn’t just sit in the office and wait for customer to walk in but went to the shopping mall to get leads, put the brochure into residents’ mailbox, telemarketing, sometimes even went to the car park to put our brochure on the car windscreen, and door to door cold calling.

I was SUCK at presentation and never convert well.

The main problem is that I used to talk about the product. This is a HUGE mistake! But I was a newbie at that time.

Today, I met a sales person approached me to sign up his product. When he started the presentation, he has already talking about the product without asking me any questions. He just keep on explaining the product just like a video presentation. After finished the presentation, he asked “What do you think about this product?”. I felt that the question is trying to ask me if I’m going to sign up.

When I looked at him, I just like saw the 6 years ago of myself. He did the same mistakes like I did last time.

Before he start the presentation, he suppose to ask questions (to collect data) first. At the same time, ask trick questions that able to find the customer problems. When you know there’s something missing in the customer life, then it’s the time to start presentation to show your “SOLUTION”.

People don’t take medicine if they don’t sick. People don’t eat if they’re not hungry. People playing games because they want to have fun. People buy calculator because they want to speed up the calculation work.

Ask your customer if they want to make their life easier and better. Make sure your product solve their problem or make their life better. Women buy cosmetic because they want to look better. People apply perfume because they want to get more attractive.

Your product either solve problem or make thing better.

1. Find out the customer problem or situation.
2. Ask the customer if he/she want to solve the problem or make their life better.
3. Present your product and explain how it work for them.

Tips: Only start presentation when the customer get interested.

Thank you!


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