AWeber Phishing

I got an email from AWeber told me that my AWeber account has been flagged due to unusual activities on my account.

I thought it’s real when I receive the message, but I realize something wrong when reading the message. The message was written in non professional way. The email format, capital and small letter were not written proper.

Another thing they sent to the wrong email address. I’m using another email to manage my AWeber account, but they sent the phishing email to my other email account. How can AWeber knows my other email? (This is funny)

I went to search engine and search “”, and found a lot search results. There are many people got the same phishing email recently.

If you don’t know what is AWeber yet, basically it’s an email marketing service that let you build your subscribers database in their system. They also offer many cool features like create nice design webform with just a few clicks, auto follow up your subscribers, send email to your subscribers anytime, track how many subscribers open your email, track how many subscribers click your link in the email and many many more.

For more details, please go to AWeber Communications, Inc