Popup is ALIVE! List Building Software

Finally a Popup software that grabbed my attention is Instant Popover version 3. Some people say “Popup is dead” but what I can say is “Popup is ALIVE” because it’s unblockable. If the popup software you use is blockable by some popup killer, then you should consider to get a new one that unblockable.

Introducing Instant Popover version 3 with many types of different pop styles like sticky note, window style, floating in and many others. Click here for more details

Why Popup? It grab your visitors attention and command them to take action– either subscribe to your list or click on your ad. It pop in front of your visitors screen and grabbing your visitors attention in the first place.

If you’re still apply the old version Popup software in your business, then you’re gambling because you cannot know how many of your visitors actually see your popup. The chances are less than 30%, because most Internet Browser especially Firefox fully block popup in default setting.

It’s NOT worth to take the risk if you’re doing business. Get a newer version and you’re guarantee that your visitors will see your popup when they arrive your webpage. No more gambling game and never waste your web traffic.

Click here to see Instant Popover Demo

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