Online Business Or Make Money Online?

Many people never realize that they have mixed up the Online Business and Make Money Online.

Online Businessis a real business like offline business. You need to take care your customers and business. There’s no such thing work for 3 days and rest for a month in the business. I believe your clients will run away if they know you’re not doing a real business. They’re just afraid that you get the money and disappear for a month and they can’t get any help. If you’re doing this, you’re going to out of the business soon.

Make Money Online? You might heard it many times and see many advertisement regarding this. Make Money Online is different. You don’t have any commitment.

You make some money, and disappeared. That’s how most people make money online. They promote something and make some money that enough for the vacation, they will rest for a month for holiday. There’s no right or wrong with this. Because you help other to get sales and you split the profit. They will handle the customer service and everything. So you can go on holiday for a month even doesn’t matter. (smile)

However, if you’re a freelancer. You cannot have the make money online habit. Freelancer has to take it as a business but at least a small business. When you get the project, make sure you have completed them and your client is satisfied before you leave.

I personally work with several freelancers for the last few months. Only 2 freelancers take it as a business and working seriously. The rest of them took it like a part time job. They online or reply your email when they’re happy. When the project comes to the deadline, they never reply your email until you warning them. (I hate the most)

They will give you bad reason why they’re not replying your email, like pc crash, emergency thing happen, not receive the email or sick. If it happen the first time, that’s ok – I can understand that. But it used to be like that. They happy, they reply your email after a few days. Email delivery just take a few seconds, but it end up like sending me a postal mail. Until they have no other reason to give, they just reply really sorry for the late reply. SUCK!

Even though they offer cheaper fee, I won’t be using them anymore in the future.

It’s the same case when you’re selling online. Your clients buying your product, but somehow they have problem with the product. They will contact you for help. Clients will expect you reply their email within 2 business days. If not, you will out of the business soon. What they’re thinking is, you’re not doing real business. Where have you been for the last 2 days? You get my money and went on holiday? (Just kidding!)

Usually when I buy a product online, I will try to contact their support first. If they’re in a real business, they will reply your email within 2 business days. Some company even respond within 24 hours. That’s cool and I feel safe!

What is best for Make Money Online?
1. Google Adsense, blogging to earn advertisement money.
2. Affiliate Marketing, promote other people product for a commission.

What is best for Online Business?
1. Selling products
2. Offer services like writing articles, designing graphic and etc.

You could agree or not with me the article above. It’s just my personal thought and experience but I hope it will give you some ideas of the internet marketing stuff and happening.

Personal Note:I know there are many grammar mistakes in my english and it has already known as common in some forum about my poor english. I admit that I’m not good at grammar but I just don’t want to get someone writing the post because it will not 100% stuff you will read. What you read here is truly written by me from my experience without polish by any writer. But of course, when come to selling product online, I will hire expert writer to polish all my salesletter and content. (smile)

Feel free to leave your comment and feedback.

Thank you!

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How To Make Money From Passions

To make money online, many people jump right in before they are properly prepared. You know that to be a rocket scientist, a doctor, a brick layer, a construction worker, an office worker, a teacher there are prerequisites, things you must learn, before you can be successful, you don’t just jump right in unprepared.

The same applies to the Internet marketing industry even though there are unsavory people out there who’d have you believe it’s a “Walk in the Park” and requires no more than the belief that you can just do it.

And I’ll have to admit, it is a walk in the park compared to what you have to put up with in the working world punching a clock being a subordinate to someone who does not have your interests in mind, but there are still rules you have to follow and pitfalls you must avoid to actually make Internet marketing work for you.

Most people will not make a dime online and yet there are others who will make more in one month than most people make in a whole year. Why is that?

My answer begins with the age-old chicken or egg question, “what comes first the chicken or the egg”? Personally I vote for, well never mind, each argument you or I make comes back to the same old conclusion – I have no clue and I don’t think many of us do either.

But one thing I do have a clue about and know for sure is that to make money online you must first have Passion for the company products and/or service of any Internet business from which you expect to make money.

Passion in this sense simply means that you’ve researched and like the company and products or services. It is then that you translate that like (or Passion) into the education, excitement and work that usually accompany Passion.

I will have to say that many online entrepreneurs are so good at what they do that they ignore passion because they can sell anything. But I’m concerned about those of you who are not so knowledgeable at working an online business successfully.

Now, I’m not trying to make anyone believe that Passion is the only thing necessary. Because to be successful you must also have a good website, good marketing, widespread advertising, company support, effective keywords, and etc. Those things are often learned from the company you join – but sidestep Passion and you reduce your chances for success dramatically.

It therefore follows that, if you have no Passion for the company and the products and services provided by that company, again, you won’t attempt to do the work you are being taught.

Internet marketing work is typically not all that difficult or time consuming but it does take motivation caused by Passion to get you off and running with a sustained effort so that you won’t stumble.

You have a great resource in the Internet search engines to search about the Internet Marketing industry for business opportunities, USE IT!

Your research should uncover a company that you like and have confidence in. It should be solid, founded on great principles, and easy to understand with great products and services that are sell-able for which you can have Passion. If you don’t find it move on, You can find the right opportunity containing the attributes identified above.

Comments like, well, that one sounds good and the compensation plan is excellent so I guess I’ll start that business – does not sound like a decision based on anything near Passion. And remember when you hear that an Internet “guru” does that, don’t be tempted, because as I said earlier they are experienced and can sell just about anything, without being Passionate about the company products and services.

Note: By the way it’s your goal to get to the point where you can sell about anything online. That end skill and goal is a worthy one indeed.

Remember, there are other steps you must make before you step into Internet Marketing but if you don’t first find the right company products and services to be passionate about, all of those other steps may just cause you a lot of frustration instead of bringing you great success.

Not being Passionate about a company and products and services that has market proof that it will sell is a pitfall you simply must avoid.


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Recession in 2009

It has been a month that I didn’t update my blog. (very very busy)

I started to learn a lot of new things like playing share with quick cash method, piano music (training my brain), offline sales marketing and follow up the rest of the investment like unit trust, property and etc.

The market getting slow down because some people has lost their job and pay cut. Many people trying to spend less and save more. Some MLM company aim the timing to attack on those factory worker. I personally attended a MLM presentation recently. Most of the people there, are the factory people. They want to earn extra money before they’re the next to be fired.

I didn’t join the opportunity. To me, there’s no any company is the best and make you most money. It’s depend if that opportunity comfortable for you. I have been very very busy doing my things, so I probably don’t have extra time to spend on doing presentation to recruit downline in this new opportunity.

Everything is slow and getting worst. Like stock market, today in Malaysia, the share index drop 18. Right now the index remain less than 900. Last time index over 1000. (drop almost 100++ since the recession)

It’s the best time to entering into the stock market. “Buy low sell high” (right now the price is very low)

I met some of my friends, some of them worked as salesperson. They told me that the market very quite. That’s true. I went to my uncle company that their business is to supply tools to factory. My uncle sat in the company and I ask “Didn’t go out to meet customers?”, and he said “The market is very quite and no order from factory”.

Since the market is getting slower, there will be less cash flow in the market. I would advice to spend only it needed. Cut down the unnecessary expenses and do more good investment like saving or any insurance investment plan.

If you’re not good in investment, then I suggest you ask from those professional finiancial planner to design a investment plan for you. You can find them from bank or insurance & investment company. Mostly they will design a long term investment for you because you don’t have the time to monitor your money.

Unless you’re business owner or have extra time like me, then you can monitor your own money on many investment like Unit trust, share and etc.

My personal advice: NEVER EVER involve HYIP on the internet (High Yield Investment Plan). HYIP will always offer you like 3% interest or 10% interest per month. A few attractive investment plan that ask you to throw in your money. NEVER EVER trust in this investment. If you have already invested money into HYIP, then what you can do is just pray they pay you the money before they shut down their website.

I have see many HYIP movement, some shut down their website in 3 months, some 6 months and the longer is after 2 years. I don’t want to speak out the name that the one last until 2 years but if you’re live in Malaysia and have notice the newspaper last few years back, then you will know which HYIP website. (many people lost their money in this HYIP)

I cannot give any advice on how to overcome and ideas to make more money because the readers are from around the world and different people has different situation. What I can share is how to make money online, using internet to make extra money.

I will create a small ecourse (maybe free or charge a small fee) that teach how to make money online without spending a single cent. That’s right, no need to pay advertising or buy website. It’s just a simple small ecourse that won’t take you much time to learn.

Stay tuned for my small ecourse release.

NEW UPDATE: Click Here To Download The Special Report “DIY Make Money Online Easily”

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What is your plan in 2009?

This question will be asked many times when gathering with friends.

Everybody wanted to know each other plan in 2009 and see if we can work together to achieve the goals. That’s good to share your plan with your friends that who wanted to work together. Sometimes you might need their help to accomplish something.

People are looking for better offer to change their current job. I knew some of my friends have changed their job in 2009 because they got better offer from other company. That’s normal because people always looking for better offer (income).

Know what you want so you will do the right things.

Many people saying that want to make more money and want to be rich. Hello?

If your goal is to make more money, then it’s not your main goal. Why?

Ask yourself a question when you set your goal. “Why I need so many money?”

Okay, so what’s your answer? “The answer will be the real ‘goal’ that you want”

Like, I want to buy a house, car, boat, travel around the world and etc. So you need money to achieve your goal. Make sense? Your goal is not money but other things.

If you just know your goal is money, then you will be like closing your eye to shoot the bird. You will never know where is your target but always try to shoot it.

Open your eye so you can see where is your target.

If you want to buy a house that cost you $100, 000 then your goal target will be $100,000. Right now you’re very clear that you want to achieve $100k so can buy your house.

Draw your plan that will achieve $100k.

There are many way to create your own plan. But I wanted to share with you how I achieve the amount of money that I want.

Here’s the how:

I want to have $10,000. So I will divided $10k into 3 part. Which mean around $3500. From every $3500, I will think what project can help me achieve that $3500. First, I will plan to create a new product to sell online that will help me achieve some quick cash.

Then I will also plan to do some quick investment like stock market. I will also plan to be part time broker for selling car, house and etc.

I don’t do one thing to achieve a goal. I leverage them into a few part. Like my internet business will handle $3500, stock market investment will handle $3500 and misc broker business will handle $3500. Maybe I’m lazy person or can’t take too much pressure on one thing.

Some people will do just one thing to achieve the goal. There’s no right or wrong but you choose the way that you feel more comfortable.

NOTE: If you just make $1000 per month, then do not set your goal to make $10,000 per month right now. You will give up very quickly after a few failure. Try to increase your target by double or triple.

I was so busy to update my blog recently because I’m trying a new tactic on stock investment. After a few tried, the tactic is work so well to have some bonus income. Although the tactic can’t make me rich but it’s low risk and good money to have as bonus. The best part is – it’s a quick cash method. It could be turn into cash within month, week or a few days.

If you want to know this cool tactic on stock investment, subscribe to my marketing blog email notification and you will be notified when the post is available on this blog.

You have your plan or ideas to share? Please post in the comment and let see if we can work together? Thank you!

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Missing Step To Start Making Money Online

There are many ebooks and ecourses release every month. The topic could be Affiliate Marketing, Google Adsense, PPC (Pay per click), Selling on eBay, Product Creation and etc.

Don’t buy/ study multiple subject at the same time. If you have already learn about affiliate marketing, then focus on that subject. Don’t go to buy other topic course.

If you’re newbie that didn’t make any money on the internet yet, don’t buy the big package course. You will end up study the course without have the time to take action. I know there are some courses split into monthly issue. Newbie is not recommended to study that kind of courses.

Most people who failed to make money online, usually spend too much time on the courses and study the information. The right way should be 30% theory and 70% practical.

Remember, if you have already purchase some courses and ebooks previously, then stop buying another now. Go back and pick one of the courses/ ebooks that you have bought previously and focus on that topic.

Take action after you have read a few chapters.

Example: You have read how to register a domain name, hosting and setup your own wordpress blog. Go ahead to take action to register the domain name, hosting and setup wordpress blog. Don’t read until sales strategies topic and then start taking action just to register a domain name. It will be too late.

This is also one of the reason why most newbie failed. They complete the whole ecourse then take action to work with them. The right way should learn 30% from the information and then apply them into action.

Hey, there are some “GURUS” ecourse need to take 1 year to complete. Don’t you want to take action in next year? I saw some ecourse split into week1, week2 until week20.

Are you going to wait 20 weeks later to take action?

Remember, 30% study and 70% practical.

Take action, action and action.

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How to choose your own market to make money?

It doesn’t matter you’re doing offline or online businesses, you will need to choose your own market to make money.

“Hot market doesn’t mean more profitable”

Hot market will have a lot of competitors especially “Gurus” player and price war. It’s very hard to make profit from hot market and it might not worth the time, effort and money that you have invested.

Example: One calculator can sell one for $20, but because there are a lot of competitor selling the same calculator like you. Competitor A sell $19 then Competitor B sell $17 and Competitor C sell $14 and so on…

So how you’re going to make profit from that?

Although those “Cold Market” do not have much demand but you can make a good profits. You can command the price more higher and nobody going to play price war. You spend less effort, time and money but get more profit in return.

This is same as online and offline businesses. Like, there are more than 3 cheese cake shop opened in the same commercial center. May I know which cheese cake shop you will choose? You will compare price if they’re selling the same cake. So price war begin. At the end of the time, who will win? — Buyer

So choose the right market before you invest your time, money and effort into it. Otherwise you will waste all the energy but get a little profit in return.

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Economy down! What you should do?

Economy down… What you should do?

Everybody is struggling what to do when petrol price goes up. The transportation services, food, construction materials and many more will followed to increase the price by percentage.

Let’s say example your income is $2500 per month.

Food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) – $1000
Transportation – $450
Electrical & Water bills – $150
Life Insurance – $100
Extra expenses like shopping and etc. – $300
Car loan or housing loan – $500

Total: $2500 per month

But now, most of the things are increase 30%. So you might save some money from the extra expenses to cover the food, transportation and the bills. But does it workable?

Yes and NO.

For short period, it’s the best way to cut extra expenses to cover the more important expenses like food and transportation. But this cannot be last long because your salary didn’t increase.

What if the Electrical and Water bills fee increase? May I know what expenses you will cut again? Probably you will not choose to sell your car or move to a smaller house? This is not a solution but you setup a trap for yourself.

The best way is to SAVE and then INVEST.

Temporary cut some extra expenses and then look for opportunity to increase your income. Don’t let your income stay at the same level. Some people will choose to work part time at night after their full time job working hours. Or some will do networking marketing (MLM/ Direct Selling), make money online by promoting other people’s product, blogging with Google Adsense and many other opportunity you can think of.

It’s rather than you just trying to cut expenses without increase your income. Find a way to increase your income will be more practical to resolve the economy down problem.

If you’re looking for opportunity to earn extra money in part time through online, here are some of my recommendation:

1. Start your own Online Niche Business home course study (Click here)

2. Earn residual income by helping people to succeed (Click here)

3. Create your own Profitable Minisite (Click here)

4. The 90 days Money Back Guarantee make money online program (Click here)

Thank you.

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Launch of Profit Blogging Bootcamp (Malaysia)

Two of my friend Steven Wong and Melvin Ng are launching Profit Blogging Bootcamp in Malaysia start on May 2008. That’s a 2 1/2 hour free blogging workshop that you can attend by registering at Asia Online Mastery Registration

If you live in KL or PJ, that’s a good news to you. (*sorry for those people who live outside of Malaysia)

“Is that possible to make money blogging?” Does this question familiar to you?

Make money online doesn’t need to sell in eBay, Amazon, write ebook, create software and etc. There are a lot of way to make money on the internet and you choose the one that suitable to you.

If you’re not a good writer, you probably will not choose to write ebook to sell. Are you looking for a part time income that doesn’t require much time and effort?

You can consider to start with blogging which doesn’t require to do shipping work, give customer support and etc. Blogging is more easier than other like selling software which you will need to provide customer support.

To reserve your free seat to Steven Wong and Melvin Ng 2 1/2 hour free blogging workshop, here’s the special link:

Register your seat to 2 1/2 hour free blogging workshop

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Guarantee $30k In 90 Days with Triple-Protection Policy

Many people always looking for ‘guarantee’ income from the internet. But the sad part is — it’s hard to find an opportunity that guarantee you succeed. Not to mention those internet marketing courses available on the internet, although the method has been proven but there is still no guarantee that you will make the same amount.

This is funny when you just started an online business, or still look around. ( me too )

When I just started, I like to stick a keyword “guarantee’ then the following keyword. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not looking for money back guarantee, I look for ‘guarantee income’ opportunity.

The result is — I found it and it’s called “HYIP” scheme. The sad part is — I lose money at the end of time. They all SCAM me. I have joined more than 3 HYIP scheme and some of them has been blacklisted. Don’t be like me when you just started. But most newbie will get the same experiences like everyone including me.

Don’t be sad — There is one opportunity offer by world famous copywriter and internet marketer with triple protection policy money back guarantee if you failed to make $30k in 90 days.

NOTE: This OFFER has been ended and you will need to use this link to access the opportunity. ( When I wrote this post, there are just 4 places left )

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Jo Han only need 250 Beta-testers and the limit has been reached. But I have reserved 5 places during the launch time so you can take a last chance to access this great opportunity offer by the big player.

If you’re looking for any opportunity that guarantee income, I would suggest you to take a 90 days test-drive or you get your money back if you didn’t make the amount of money. You have NOTHING to lose.

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Please note that this opportunity is too crazy because of the ‘Triple-Protection Policy”. You get your full money back if you failed to make $30k in 90 days. Sound crazy but you have to believe it.