Marketing: Boost Your Sales Target


I love marketing.

You can do many things with marketing like advertising, event, party, flyer, cold call and etc.

Today, I want to share with you a very cool tactic to instantly boost your sales target within a short period of time. Let me start with offline marketing…

If you’re running a restaurant, you can sell membership card or voucher. That’s seem like just normal? Read this…

“Get Paid $100 Enjoy In My Restaurant”

It seems like a scam or hype. But it’s real. The tactic is this – You sell a membership card for $300 but you give $400 credit to your customer. This mean they get extra $100 for free. If you have 100 customers sign up to your membership card, then you will instantly have $30,000 for your company. Some people might think that this is too crazy to give away $100, of course you need to do the math if your business still make profit if you give out $100. I believe if your customer spend $400 in your restaurant, then you at least make 50% profit = $200, but you have already giveaway $100 to your customer, so your net profit will be $100. (Just work out the math)

Think about this, not all 100 customers will spend all the money within a month. Ask yourself, will you spend all $400 in the same restaurant within a month? Before the customers spend all the money in your restaurant, I believe your company will use that money to reinvest into other investment. There are many company not just doing business but also running investment at the same time like stock market, properties and etc.

When you got $30,000 for your company, and you just keep it in the bank, then this is just stupid. You have to reinvest the money to grow more money. Of course, don’t do the high risk investment.

I hope you see my point how to instantly boost up sales target. It’s just about ‘quantity’. You make less profit from each customer but you make more from all the customers.

Come from online industry…

If you’re selling digital product, you have pay nothing if extra 100 people buy your product. You don’t have to pay for printing cost, shipping and etc. So why not do a special promotion to combine several of your products into a big package for a special price?

Like, each of your product sell for $47. Now you pack 4 of them into a package and sell for just $67. This will instantly boost up your sales. That’s too crazy, if buy them separately, the price will be $188 but now for just $67. This tactic work and proven success. Of course, do not do this too often otherwise your customers will not feel special anymore.

Whether it’s online or offline, some of the tactic cannot use too often otherwise will not work in the future. You have to make your customers feel ‘special’ and only for limited time. Try this and let me know your feedback. Thank you!

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