Missing Step To Start Making Money Online

There are many ebooks and ecourses release every month. The topic could be Affiliate Marketing, Google Adsense, PPC (Pay per click), Selling on eBay, Product Creation and etc.

Don’t buy/ study multiple subject at the same time. If you have already learn about affiliate marketing, then focus on that subject. Don’t go to buy other topic course.

If you’re newbie that didn’t make any money on the internet yet, don’t buy the big package course. You will end up study the course without have the time to take action. I know there are some courses split into monthly issue. Newbie is not recommended to study that kind of courses.

Most people who failed to make money online, usually spend too much time on the courses and study the information. The right way should be 30% theory and 70% practical.

Remember, if you have already purchase some courses and ebooks previously, then stop buying another now. Go back and pick one of the courses/ ebooks that you have bought previously and focus on that topic.

Take action after you have read a few chapters.

Example: You have read how to register a domain name, hosting and setup your own wordpress blog. Go ahead to take action to register the domain name, hosting and setup wordpress blog. Don’t read until sales strategies topic and then start taking action just to register a domain name. It will be too late.

This is also one of the reason why most newbie failed. They complete the whole ecourse then take action to work with them. The right way should learn 30% from the information and then apply them into action.

Hey, there are some “GURUS” ecourse need to take 1 year to complete. Don’t you want to take action in next year? I saw some ecourse split into week1, week2 until week20.

Are you going to wait 20 weeks later to take action?

Remember, 30% study and 70% practical.

Take action, action and action.

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