What is your plan in 2009?

This question will be asked many times when gathering with friends.

Everybody wanted to know each other plan in 2009 and see if we can work together to achieve the goals. That’s good to share your plan with your friends that who wanted to work together. Sometimes you might need their help to accomplish something.

People are looking for better offer to change their current job. I knew some of my friends have changed their job in 2009 because they got better offer from other company. That’s normal because people always looking for better offer (income).

Know what you want so you will do the right things.

Many people saying that want to make more money and want to be rich. Hello?

If your goal is to make more money, then it’s not your main goal. Why?

Ask yourself a question when you set your goal. “Why I need so many money?”

Okay, so what’s your answer? “The answer will be the real ‘goal’ that you want”

Like, I want to buy a house, car, boat, travel around the world and etc. So you need money to achieve your goal. Make sense? Your goal is not money but other things.

If you just know your goal is money, then you will be like closing your eye to shoot the bird. You will never know where is your target but always try to shoot it.

Open your eye so you can see where is your target.

If you want to buy a house that cost you $100, 000 then your goal target will be $100,000. Right now you’re very clear that you want to achieve $100k so can buy your house.

Draw your plan that will achieve $100k.

There are many way to create your own plan. But I wanted to share with you how I achieve the amount of money that I want.

Here’s the how:

I want to have $10,000. So I will divided $10k into 3 part. Which mean around $3500. From every $3500, I will think what project can help me achieve that $3500. First, I will plan to create a new product to sell online that will help me achieve some quick cash.

Then I will also plan to do some quick investment like stock market. I will also plan to be part time broker for selling car, house and etc.

I don’t do one thing to achieve a goal. I leverage them into a few part. Like my internet business will handle $3500, stock market investment will handle $3500 and misc broker business will handle $3500. Maybe I’m lazy person or can’t take too much pressure on one thing.

Some people will do just one thing to achieve the goal. There’s no right or wrong but you choose the way that you feel more comfortable.

NOTE: If you just make $1000 per month, then do not set your goal to make $10,000 per month right now. You will give up very quickly after a few failure. Try to increase your target by double or triple.

I was so busy to update my blog recently because I’m trying a new tactic on stock investment. After a few tried, the tactic is work so well to have some bonus income. Although the tactic can’t make me rich but it’s low risk and good money to have as bonus. The best part is – it’s a quick cash method. It could be turn into cash within month, week or a few days.

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You have your plan or ideas to share? Please post in the comment and let see if we can work together? Thank you!

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