Storyteller Marketing: Scary Tactic

Have you heard of Storyteller Marketing?

Instead of keep on telling how good is your product why not use other way to sell your product? People use to say their product is the greatest and no other product can compare. Look at the advertisement around you and you will find out there are many company sell the same concept like this…

“We’re No.1 in this industry”
“The greatest product ever”
“The best program in Asia” 
and many more…

So who is the greatest and No. 1 actually? Everyone saying they’re No.1 or the greatest but who can proof that they’re actually the No.1 and the greatest?

Prospect already boring with this kind of marketing. I personally feel funny when I heard an old lady talk to a kitchen sales person in the morning market. She said “You guys always say we’re the best, so who is the best actually?”.

Whatever you say, make sure you do not set a trap for yourself to jump into it. (smile)

Let’s come back to Storyteller Marketing…

I saw a company applied this very well in a magazine advertisement. The company sell healthy cornflakes for breakfast. They advertised full page and it’s totally do not look like an advertisement but a news.

The advertisement start with telling the worst cases if you do not take your breakfast everyday. They also explain why everyone should take breakfast and the benefits. They use more on scary tactic in the story. Just like this — if you do not take breakfast often, your body will lose the XXX vitamin and you will sick.

So in the reader’s mind will float with this “Oh my god, I don’t want sick and I afraid to go to hospital and blah blah blah”. Reader will imagine their own scary scenario after reading the story. This is just like the ghost story. After listen to the ghost story, most girls will imagine a lot of funny scary scenario like maybe the ghost is hidding in the toilet or it’s outside the window….? (smile)

If your story can make the prospect create their own imagination — you WIN.

Their mind will hardcoded with your story and follow whatever you say. After telling the story, you must come out solution. That’s your product. So you will tell your prospect that this product will solve their problems. You see, you’re now telling the prospect that your product can solve their problems instead of telling them your product is the greatest and the No.1 brand.

How great and No.1 brand are nothing to do with your prospect. It’s none of their business so they will not care if your product is No.1 or No. 2 but they just care if your product can solve their problems.

Storyteller Marketing is one of the marketing method. Try this and let me know feedback!

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