Nick Vujicic – Never Give Up

Have you ever give up on something when you failed?

I have too but not now after I watched Nick Vujicic’s video and also read the “Think BIG” book by Donald Trump.

One of the chapter inside the book teach us Never Give Up and keep on trying until you success. If you give up, then you will never success. Success belong to those people who never give up.

Maybe you might not fully understand what I mean, so I attached a very touching video below.

As you can see in the video, if Nick give up to stand up, then he will never get up. Even he need to try 100 times or 200 times, and he still need to do it until he can get up. This is same problem what we have encountered in our life. If someone rejected you 100 times, don’t give up! Keep on trying and you will success.

When you keep on trying but still failed, then you must check what you have done wrongly. If method 1 do not work for you, try method 2, method 3, 4, 5, 6 until you found a way to success.

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