Paul The Octopus?

Paul The Octopus is HOT!

Paul The Octopus

Actually Paul the octopus has nothing to do with my marketing blog, but I want to share something with you that it might give you some ideas on driving traffic, get ranked in search engine and email marketing.

While the World Cup 2010 is still playing and Paul the octopus is still hot during that time, I received other internet marketer promotion email. Guess what? The guy using Paul the octopus name in the email subject and the email content has nothing to do with Paul the octopus.

When I received the marketer email with that subject, I open it immediately because I want to know what’s inside. BANG! The email content has nothing to do with Paul the octopus. (smile)

I believe the email open rate will be VERY HIGH with the trick subject. This is one of a good tactic that skyrocket your email open rate. BUT you have to be careful when using this tactic. If you do it wrongly, you will get bad effect.

If you’re using the email subject that do not relate to your message, make sure you explain the reason or talk about your subject in your message at first, before start your real message.

Example: If you’re using Paul the octopus in your email subject like “Paul the octopus is now retired” and your message is promote a PLR product. Then you have to start your message with something like …

“World Cup 2010 is finally over.  It makes Paul the octopus become a superstar as well but Paul the octopus is going to retired.”

You can come out with other story as long as you talk about your email subject first.

If you always use the trick email subject and never talk about that email subject in your message, sooner later your subscribers will not open your email again.

This trick also can be applied with your website or blog. Your blog post can start with the hot topic first, and then only your real content. This mean you talk a little bit about the hot topic 2-3 sentences, then only start your real content.

Your blog or website will get indexed faster and also get free traffic from the search engine. The reason is simple, there are SO MANY people searching for the HOT TOPIC.

However, those are not targeted traffic, but since it’s FREE,  why not?

Remember, apply the trick carefully so you won’t get bad effect in return.

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