Ask Trick Question

It’s almost a month that I didn’t update my marketing blog. I went to China & Hong Kong for a week and just came back on 14th September 2008. It’s a good experience to go oversea to learn how other people live, do business and lifestyle.

Finally, I managed to spare 30 minutes to update my blog and I would like to share how to ask a trick question to get the real answer.

If you ask question straight to the point, then you will not get the real answer.

Here’s an example:

James is a shy man and he went out with a girl for dinner last night. Let say James is my friend (normal friend) and I want to know if James really had dinner with that girl last night. James probably will say “NO” to me because he’s shy to let people know.

I will use a trick question below:

“James, I heard you had dinner with a girl last night, how’s the food? Is it good or bad?”

First, I didn’t ask if he had dinner with a girl last night in my question but I ask how’s the food. I gave him 2 option at the last sentence. “Is it good or bad” (about the food).  Whether the answer for the food is good or bad, both answer is to proof that he went out with a girl last night.

Normally people will ask the question directly like, “hey, I heard you went out with a girl last night”. Mostly will get Yes or No answer. You will never know it’s a real answer with Yes or No.

Add some trick in the question will help you get the real answer. Never ask a question that will only get Yes or No answer.

This method work very well when you want to know your competitor information. I’m not going to go further how you can get your competitor information but the above trick question will work very well if you applied correctly.


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