The Easiest Way To Make Money Online

When someone say the “easiest way” to make money online, most people will say affiliate marketing and google adsense. Affiliate marketing and Google adsense are not my recommendation to someone newbie to get started with. If you have some skills like: – design graphic – writing salesletter – setup website – create wordpress theme/ plugin – audio transcript – translate languages – many more. Then I suggest to provide services to make quick and solid cash. Think about this, you don’t need to hire anyone to create product, writing salesletter, design your product minisite/ ecover/ banner to start making money by selling the product. Now you can start making money from zero cost by providing services. If you know how to manage your services, you can make a solid cash and earn this full time income.
Example: I knew there are a lot of graphic designer compete the design fee like $27 for an ecover.
If you know how to manage your business, you can charge $47 for an ecover. Or you can even charge a design project for $500- $1,000. It’s depend how you manage your business and how you do your business. You cannot simply charge premium fee to your customers when you just started. However, there’s a way you can do this if you know how. Also, if you provide services to marketer, you can build relationship with them as well. This is also the easiest way to build relationship with “Internet Gurus”. (smile) Click here to learn how to start selling your services If you know how to manage your business, you can make a living by selling your services. Or else you just make a little money like the freelancers everywhere on the internet.   [tags] selling services, instant cash, easiest way to make money online [/tags]

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  1. This is a solid point, Sean. Some of the steadiest online income goes to those programmers, graphice designers and copywriters that have earned the respect and trust of the movers and shakers in the internet marketing world.

    While I really think creating your own product and having affiliates promote with and for you is one of the best ways to really earn substantial money online, there’s no reason that one can’t supplement those earnings by providing a valuable skill or service. Keep up the good work!

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