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No Traffic = No Visitor = No Income Everyone know this very well. But still have a lot of people no idea how to drive web traffic. I’m not traffic expert and just want to share my 2 cents here. For promoting affiliate product, most will use Google Adword ( Pay per click ). Quick and Easy. As long as you have do some homework for the keyword and can afford to bid some hot keyword. If you wish to drive web traffic to your blog, then you can post more comment to other related blog to get more backlink. Get more backlink will improve your blog in search engine. Learn How To Drive Free Traffic To Blog There are some method can get free traffic: 1. Join Giveaway Event. ( Must be join as partner to contribute gift to be able drive traffic ) 2. Put other people blog URL into your blogroll or website. 3. Submit URL to search engine. 4. Post article and free advertisement directory. Before you try to get free traffic, you must submit your URL to search engine. 1. Go to and submit your Website URL. ( Free ) 2. Add Url to Google Search Engine ( ) Let the search engine know your website URL. If you want to learn how to drive thousands of free traffic to your blog. Then I suggest you check this out: Easy Blog Traffic Learn from those Blog Traffic Expert User. How they drive thousands of free traffic to their blog. Ready PDF format, MP3 Audio and Video for more easier to understand.

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